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Water Hardness

Water hardness is caused by minerals in the water usually from areas with high limestone rock. These minerals can cause scale.

Water hardness in your region can be found from your local water authority or by testing the hardness using a water hardness kit.

In both residential and commercial/foodservice applications, our filtration techniques soften and reduce hardness for better machine and energy efficiencies, and improved parts wear.

3M Purification use a variety of methods to achieve the optimum hardness for the application.

These include:

  • Ion exchange methods using resins to reduce scale formation,
  • Polyphos for scale inhibition,
  • Reverse Osmosis for reduction to 0.0005 micron where no scale forming minerals are required in the water required for the application,
  • Reverse Osmosis with blending where some minerals are required to add taste to the beverage or to help bean extraction.

To discuss any of our technologies or your specific requirements with one of our trained technicians contact us