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Filtration of Spirits

3M Purification continues to develop filtration solutions for spirits including for particulate prefiltration, clarification and stabilisation, final filtration and purification that help you guarantee the stability and optical clarity of alcohol spirits such as Brandy, Cognac, Calvados, Gin, Vodka, Rum and Whisky.


Our technologies respect the traditions of the process yet bring innovative technology to protect the riches and organoleptic characteristics which are often unique to each spirit.

3M Purification blends technology with centuries of industry tradition to deliver high performing filtration solutions for the beverage manufacturing industry.

Our technology and know-how can help you improve the consistency and stability of your bottled beverages thus improving the experience and safety of the consumer whilst simultaneously helping you protect your brand integrity.

Housings applicable for this solution are 3M™ CH Housings, 3M™ HC Housings, 3M™ HF Housings, 3M™ IP Housings, 3M™ IP 8" Housings and 3M™ IW Housings.

For more information please consult the following applications :

Particulate Pre-filtration

Hard particulates such as production by products like barrel char need to be removed before your product can be bottled.

The 3M™ Micro-Klean™ D series depth filters offer a high quality, rigid solution for removing high volumes of such particulates.

3M™ Micro-Klean™ D is available with either a cotton or polypropylene construction and is of wound design. Unlike many cheaper “string wound filters” 3M interweave a blanket of filter media within the structure which improves the stability of the filter along with increasing its dirt holding capacity. When using 3M™ Micro-Klean™ D Filters and depending upon the application it is possible to achieve up to twice the life compared to that of conventional “string wound” filters.

Clarification and Stabilisation

The lenticular 3M™ Zeta Plus™ HT and 3M™ Zeta Plus™ MHT Series depth filters are an optimum choice when trying to produce spirits with high optical clarity.

The 3M™ Zeta Plus™ MHT filter cartridges are a further development in which two filtration grades are combined in one cartridge. This 3M Purification construction, unequalled on today’s market, leads to a reduction of capital investment, direct and indirect costs. It means a reduced product loss and less water needed for regeneration.

Final Filtration

The 3M™ Betapure™ NT-TE and 3M™ Betafine™ XL series filters are produced from 100% polypropylene and contain high performing absolute rated filtration media.

Specifically at the point of bottling you are looking to protect your product against all particle contaminants entering the bottle. The extreme stability and low extraction of these products make them perfect for this application.

The absolute-rated 3M™ Betapure™ NT-TE and 3M™ Betafine XL series guarantee an efficient particle retention that is predictable and reproducible. It ensures the highest degree of integrity during the final critical stage of filtration.

The technical characteristics of these products allow an increase in flow rate leading to a significant increase in service life.

The 3M™ Betafine™ XL filter cartridges feature 3M’s Advanced Pleat Technology (APT) construction which increases the usable filtration surface area within each cartridge therefore dramatically enhancing service life.


From the earliest history of Spirit production, Powdered Activated Carbon (PAC) has been used to adsorb complex compounds that contribute to unwanted off tastes, odours and colour.

Traditionally PAC was added to loosely to the process and having adsorbed the impurities was then removed by filtration. 3M Purification have improved the efficiency of this process by developing its 3M™ Zeta Carbon™ Technology.

The use of PAC has always been messy, time consuming and presents operator health risks and can be susceptible to bypass leading to a risk of small carbon fines getting into the finished bottle.

3M™ Zeta Carbon overcomes these concerns by immobilizing the PAC in a rigid filter matrix. Your production process is now significantly improved as you simply flow the spirit through the carbon media in much the same way as you would as if it were a conventional filter.

While flowing through the media the impurities are forced into closer contact with the carbon and thus become adsorbed much more quickly and efficiently than with the random process historically associated with PAC.

There are many different types of activated carbon that are routinely incorporated into 3M™ Zeta Carbon and for the specific applications we are able to custom manufacture the media by adding your specified carbons into the recipe.

The high quality of the 3M Purification activated carbon and the pore activation technology ensure a filtration with exceptional adsorptive properties to adapt the carbon powder you use.

To discuss any of these applications or your specific requirements with one of our trained technicians contact us