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Filtration in the Power Generation Industry

The requirements of modern power plant constructions with regard to regarding efficiency, effectiveness and environmental protection are constantly increasing. These increasingly stringent standards force the manufacturers to analyse and optimise their entire processes.

Power Generation

Filtration of cooling water and condensate filtration treatment are applied to dirt particles such as rust and abrasions from pumps and turbines that cause increased wear and unwanted deposits on heat exchangers. A lack of filtration negatively affects the operating costs and energy consumption.

With its well-established tried and tested filter systems such as 3M™ High Flow cartridges, high performance 3M™ 740 filters or versatile filter bags, 3M Purification offers the best solutions for your applications.

Let us advise you on your filtration applications concerning cooling water circuits, condensates, pump protection or surface water for cooling towers.

Housings applicable for this solution are 3M™ CH Housings and 3M™ HF Housings.

Condensate filtration

The generation of energy happens when water is transformed into steam, which at its turn is pressurised. After transferring the thereby produced energy to the generators steam is returned into condensates again. Subsequently oxidation products interspersed with particles are formed.

However, for optimal re-use the condensate water must be deionised and these particles need to be removed.

3M Purification recommends the use of 3M™ 740 and 3M™ High Flow filter cartridges for the pre-filtration of ion exchangers without backwashing. These filter cartrdiges have an extremely high dirt holding capacity. Their change-out frequency is low and ensure a permanent and uninterruptible operation. Both ion exchangers and turbines are protected and have less wear.

With using the 3M™ High Flow filter cartridges (frequently systems are redundantly built) extremely high flow rates are possible.

3M™ Micro-Klean™ filter cartridges are a cost-effective solution for condensate processing. They feature a high resistance thanks to the resin bond and are available in different cartridges types.

Stator cooling water

Stator cooling water has to be extremely clean for a trouble-free operation of a power plant. Particles or ion exchange material must be removed in order to prevent the early wear of stator and turbines.

For this application 3M Purification offers the proven 3M™ Micro-Klean™ RB filter cartridges, which represent the optimum solution thanks to their temperature resistance and their firm resin bonded structure. Components are thus protected and downtimes are minimised.

Let the 3M Purification specialists advise you on your applications.

Low active waste

For the filtration of contaminated water and its solved particles 3M Purification recommends the use of the 3M™ 740 series filter cartridges. The waste volume is substantially reduced due to the very high dirt holding capacity of these filter cartridges. Moreover, this filter cartridge has a large filter surface area and a long filter service life ensuring a permanent and low maintenance operation of a power plant.

3M™ Micro-Klean™ filter cartrdiges are a cost-effective solution with EDF approval for the cleaning of contaminated water.

To discuss any of these applications or your specific requirements with one of our trained technicians contact us