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Water Filtration Mains Fed Water Coolers

3M drinking water filter systems provide ease of use and market leading protection for both your end user and your mains fed water cooler (also called POU (Point of Use) water cooler).

Mains Fed Water Coolers

Unpleasant taste and Odour in drinking water is caused by sediment and by chemical impurities which can contribute to the formation of lime scale.

3M improves the quality of water through the removal of chlorine and bacteria which in turn improves the taste and odour. It also removes cysts which can be very harmful to a person’s health should they be present when water is consumed, therefore protecting your brand. Limescale formation can be also be inhibited using 3M filters

3M’s renowned and trusted AP2 water filter range has just been improved. The new AP2-G mini-filters from 3M are now under half their previous size, while still retaining the impressive flow and efficient filtration for chlorine taste and odour and sediment, of the originals. Our unique miniaturisation carbon block technology guarantees you purer filtered water in coolers. Products from or AP1 and AP3 ranges also offer bacterial protection

Our full range of filtration products combines carbon technology, reverse osmosis membranes and scale inhibitors to create a complete solution for impurity and sediment removal.

Chlorine taste and odour removal

Chlorine is one of the most common complaints of taste and odour of tap water. Activated carbon provides a simple and effective means to reduce chlorine from water. Activated carbon also can be effective at removing other water taints such as taste and odours caused by trace levels of organics in the water, which can cause for example earthy, chemical taints.

All activated carbons are not the same and 3M offers a range of high performance carbon based systems for chlorine, taste and odour reduction. Either through the use of novel, unique carbon block technology or linked with our pharmaceutical membranes they provide market leading performance for the reduction of chlorine, taste and odour, sediment, cyst and bacteria,

3M offers chlorine taste and odour removal in all products for mains fed water coolers, postmix and ice machines, Coffee, Vending machines and steamers as well as for water filtration in the home.

Scale Inhibition

Scale build up in hard water areas causes equipment down time, reduces efficiency, and affects both water level and temperature controls. We estimate that 3mm of scale build up can cause 25% energy loss in addition to unwanted and costly service calls.

For hard water areas we have polyphos based scale inhibition filters that dose polyphosphate into the water to coat areas where scale may form. This provides high-quality water while inhibiting scale growth in the cooler system and unnecessary downtime and service calls.

For further information on Scale Inhibition see our Scale Prevention Application section.

Bacterial Reduction

3M has added membranes to a number of product lines and can offer different levels of bacteria removal. This new technology offers high level protection and can be applied in all applications.

To discuss any of these applications or your specific requirements with one of our trained technicians contact us