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For the Home

Point-of-entry or point-of-use water filtration for the home.

For The Home

No matter whether you are in a hard or a soft water area, there’s no substitute for great tasting water free from impurities – especially as health experts advise a minimum daily consumption of two litres per person.

3M Water Filtration can help provide the best possible water for the whole house at point-of-entry, or improve the quality of your drinking water at point-of-use.

Our point-of-entry systems filter water for the whole house, removing dirt and rust between 1 and 50 micron and reducing chlorine taste, odour, scale and corrosion. They are available in a choice of plastic or hard wearing stainless steel housings and can deliver flow rates of up to 227 litres per minute.

Our point-of-use drinking water systems come in two forms – as a below-sink unit connected to a separate tap installed on the worktop, or as a full-flow system installed in the cold water supply pipe. This filters all water for use in drinking, cooking or washing.

Also available are Water Factory RO (reverse osmosis) systems with the latter capable of providing almost pure water through the removal of around 95% of TDS ( total disposable solids) for under sink siting . Waste water is minimised in 3M RO systems.

Chlorine taste and odour removal

Unpleasant taste and Odour in drinking water is caused by sediment and by chemical impurities which can contribute to the formation of lime scale.

Our range of filtration products combines carbon technology, reverse osmosis membranes and scale inhibitors to create a complete solution for impurity and sediment removal. It also removes cysts which can be very harmful to a person’s health should they be present when water is consumed, therefore protecting your brand.

To ensure great tasting water that is free from chlorine taste and odour 3M has the perfect water filtration solutions for you:

Scale Reduction

Scale build up in hard water areas causes equipment down time, reduces efficiency, and affects both water level and temperature controls. We estimate that 3mm of scale build up can cause 25% energy loss in addition to unwanted and costly service calls.

For hard water areas we have ScaleGard® Pro A disposable system that provides high-quality water while preventing hard scale formation in the heating system and unnecessary heating expenditure, downtime and service calls.

The ScaleGard® Pro range of water filters help eliminate scale, which not only ensures elements stay cleaner and work more efficiently, but also provides better tasting drinks. So energy, time and money are all saved – leaving a nicer taste in everyone’s mouth.

Revive Yourself with...

  • Less equipment failures and downtime as a result of scale
  • Improved drink quality experience
  • Reduced machine energy consumption and scale build up
  • Reduced filter costs, without compromising quality

To discuss any of these applications or your specific requirements with one of our trained technicians contact us