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Biological Products Filtration


3M Purification has been servicing the biologics industry for more than 30 years. The purification of blood based therapeutics is based on the successive blood fractionation method developed initially by Dr. Edwin Cohn. The initial stages of "The Cohn Process" involve the separation of plasma into precursor fractions for each of the major end products. Once the initial separation has been completed the various fractions are further purified to yield the final therapeutic product.

The process presents many and varied challenges for purification all of which have been addressed by 3M Purification who provide a complete range of innovative and cost-effective solutions to meet the increasing demands for product yield, integrity and production efficiency.

Zeta Plus™ depth filtration technology plays an important role in the clarification of plasma-derived protein products in virtually every blood fractionation plant around the world. 3M Purification’s Zeta Plus™ Technology is provided in sheets for use in filter presses, cartridges and most recently single use capsules.

Focus in this area has led to the development of a comprehensive portfolio of Zeta Plus™ formulations ranging from standard sheets with low extraction properties that aid in the processing of initial fractions, though products designed more specifically for removing lipoproteins, cholesterol, and triglycerides that lead to product instability that tend to block more sensitive and expensive downstream process steps as well as Zeta Plus™ VR Formulations with the added performance of reducing Virus from the process.

3M Purification technologies assist in lowering processing costs through improved performance throughout your production process. All products are fully supported by a range of small scale devices specifically to help scientists develop their processes in the laboratory and then to scale-up through Pilot Plants and into full scale production.

Housings applicable for this solution are : 3M™ IP Housings, 3M™ IP 8" Housings and 3M™ IW Housings.

Applications in the production of serum products including Albumin and Globulins

Serum contains two key groups of proteins of therapeutic value, albumin and globulin. A series of separation, filtration and purification steps are required to transform serum into compounds of value. However, a number of variables can impact the types of filtration needed for various sera. 3M Purification is experienced in helping serum producers select and optimize the filtration system that is right for their product.

Applications :

Applications requiring sterile air and gas filtration including tank vents, fermentation air feeds and gas blankets.

Stages :

We recommend the following products for the these two stages within the application.

Applications in the production of clotting factors

Stages :

We recommend the following products for the these two stages within the application.

To discuss any of these applications or your specific requirements with one of our trained technicians contact us