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High Flow Filtration System

 High Flow Filtration System

The 3M™ High Flow Filtration System is an advanced design that uses 3M Innovation and extensive filtration experience to deliver a high flow filter in a compact housing design. When compared to conventional cartridge systems, this system provides the following advantages:

High Flow Capability

The unique construction of 3M's High Flow Filters (patent pending) permits flow rates of up to 500 gpm in a single cartridge. The result? Fewer filter elements to accommodate your flow requirements. In fact, the 3M High Flow Filtration System requires as few as one-tenth the number of elements as competitive 2.5” pleated cartridges.

Compact Design

Using fewer elements combined with an outside-to-in flow path enables a reduction in the size of housing required for your application. The 3M High Flow Housing takes up as little as one-half the size of competitive housings for a given flow rate. The result is lower capital investment costs and a compact footprint that saves valuable plant space.

Ease of Use

The 3M High Flow Filtration System is designed with ease-of-use in mind. From a user-friendly, ergonomically designed handle that makes cartridge installation and removal easier without the use of special tools or other hardware, to a unique "twist-to-lock" cartridge seating mechanism that provides a positive seal, the 3M High Flow System facilitates easy operation and maintenance of your filter system.

To learn more about the 3M High Flow Filtration System :

Download our brochure High Flow System (pdf, 451.1kb)

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