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Scale Prevention

What is Scale ?

Scale is the rock like deposit formed when certain minerals, primarily Calcium and Magnesium precipitate from water.

Calcium and Magnesium from rocks such as Limestone, marble or other natural deposits are dissolved into water through natural interactions. We measure the levels of these as Water Hardness. If something then happens to the water which causes these dissolved minerals to return to their insoluble ‘rock’ state then scale is formed. This reversal of states, can occur very easily when water is heated, chilled or when something happens to certain properties of the water.

The higher the level of hardness gives us an indication of how much scale and also a potential measure of how likely scale will form.

Scale has various appearances and can even have various colours depend on what other minerals are present in the water.

What Scale can do to your equipment...
Tank and Tank Heater Un Filtered - 6000 Cycles, 3000 Gallons

Effects of scale can include:

  • SCALE significantly increases maintenance and running costs
  • SCALE can cause premature machine breakdown
  • SCALE can reduce heat transfer and cause beverage or ice heat related issues
  • SCALE can cause aesthetic issues in drinks (cloudy/scum) and ice
  • SCALE build up looks unsightly
  • SCALE may cause leaky valves
  • SCALE may reduce flow rates and increase pump run time
  • SCALE can reduce interaction with ingredients and affect flavour.
Tank and Tank Heater Filtered - 6000 Cycles, 3000 Gallons

Why Treat scale?

  • Save on energy
  • Save on Maintenance
  • Reduced breakdowns
  • Better visual appearance of beverage or ice
  • Consistent standardised product quality
  • Consistent flavour
  • Delighted customers.

Using 3M’s range of products can help protect your equipment, reduce service costs and protect your brand through consistent product quality.

Common solutions by Foodservice sector are

HF-MS range HF-MS range HF-S range AP2-SG range ScaleGard®Pro
ScaleGard®Pro ScaleGard®Pro AP3-765-S ScaleGard®Pro P1175 Series
ScaleGard®Pro H+ ScaleGard®Pro H+ TFS 450 (RO)
ScaleGard®Pro P1175 Series ScaleGard®Pro P1175 Series

In foodservice applications we offer the following range of solutions:


Polyphosphate (products with –S and -MS suffix) - this is an inhibitory treatment of scale. A small level of a special Polyphosphate is added automatically to the water to reduce the ability of the water hardness to return to its rocklike state. With polyphosphates the calcium and magnesium are not removed/reduced from the water.

This can be used for a wide range of hardness levels dependent on the applications. The benefits of it are:

  • Small amount of polyphosphate needed to treat large volumes.
  • Small compact cost effective solutions available.
  • Scale formed is ‘softer’ and easier to remove.

Resin ( ScaleGard®Pro range) - this is a scale reduction treatment for scale. By interacting with the resin the calcium and magnesium levels are actually removed from the water. Dependent on the resin used and system design various different levels of hardness removal can be achieved.

The 3M ScaleGard®Pro range comes with either no bypass versions or fixed bypass versions to allow customisation of the water quality for your application.

Bypass versions are designed to leave some of the minerals in the water to provide optimum taste to coffee, as it benefits the extraction of ground beans in coffee.

Reverse Osmosis

Reverse Osmosis – this is the most effective filtration of water and can actually be used to remove practically all of the minerals from water.

As it is removing calcium and magnesium from water it is again a scale reduction treatment for scale.

It uses a very fine membrane and pressure to leave no scale forming minerals in the water. Use of blending with normally filtered water allows minerals to be added back into the water to allow complete control and customisation of minerals levels.

This means the water can be completely customised for each application or standardised so water is the same wherever it is used.

To discuss any of these applications or your specific requirements with one of our trained technicians contact us