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3M window film solutions appropriate for trains and watercraft.


Transportation safety trends

Transportation, namely trains, boats and other watercraft present specific engineering challenges with regards window safety, protection and solar control.

With respect to trains, graffiti and vandalism is a frequent and expensive problem. 3M window film acts as a sacrificial layer that can be removed and replaced after enduring graffiti by materials such as permanent marker, leather dye or spray paint. The film also absorbs gouges from a vandal scratching graffiti into the window, only for the film to be replaced returning the window to its former glory.

3M safety and protection film can also provide projectile projection from unscrupulous people throwing things at moving trains, retaining the shattered glass protecting occupants from flying, broken glass and the projectile itself.

In the unfortunate event of a train crash or other incident that could cause glass to smash, 3M window film can provide glazing integrity meaning the aperture is not compromised and passengers are kept on-board. This is now considered by rail safety commentators to be safer than letting passengers.


Transportation solar trends

Cabin temperature, important for trains, is even more critical for boats due to direct and often uninterrupted exposure to the sun.

3M solar control window films can create the levels of comfort occupants and operators of trains and watercraft desire by controlling temperature through reflection and retention. This technology can result in an energy saving, the train or boats heating and air conditioning systems do not have to work as hard, as the film rejects solar energy in the summer and retains heat in the cabin in the winter, helping to reduce overall operating costs.

Using their shading and reflection properties 3M windows films can also cut down glare making your experience on the train or boat more pleasurable and relaxing.

Furniture and other fixtures are also at risk of fading as they are at the mercy of the suns rays. 3M window film can cut the influence of UV rays, the single biggest contributor to pigmentation fade, by up to 99.9%.


Transportation other trends

Other important factors or drivers to consider when looking at film the windows of transport as well as the customer experience issues discussed above are regulatory compliance. Of particular interest to train and boat engineers, operators and owners will be 3M window film's ability to help meet appearance and safety regulations particularly if they are services run on behalf of the government. Talk to a 3M expert to find out more.


Suggested product ranges

Ultra Safety Series

Standard Safety Series

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