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Government Buildings

3M window film solutions appropriate for public sector or state owned property.

Government Buildings

Government Buildings safety trends

Government, public and state owned buildings that can also include hospitals, train stations, emergency services and schools, provide special challenges for safety security and protection.

The fact that these buildings are run by a country's governors, creates the potential for human response or retaliation to decisions or operations, both domestically and internationally in the form of civil unrest and rioting. In its most extreme, government buildings and therefore it's windows may be subjected to a bomb blast.

3M's premium range of films can provide blast mitigation, absorbing and spreading the impact, the glass will break and will reverberate, but the glass is ultimately held in place and the aperture not compromised. Flying glass often kills and injures more people than the blast itself and this can this can be prevented by applying 3M safety and protection film.

Inherently government buildings contain confidential documents and data, the threat of forced entry and theft of these high security items can be reduced by 3M window film. The film holds the glass in place preventing access even after considerable time and effort spent at the window from would-be burglars.

Health and safety compliance should be high on the agenda for government buildings. The risk of broken glass after accidental damage or a trip or fall causing injury as well as legal action can be reduced simply by applying 3M safety and protection window film.

Government Buildings

Government Buildings solar trends

Like any building, government buildings are also at the mercy of the sun. Glare can be an irritant when working at a monitor or screen as well as just being near windows facing the sun.

3M solar control window films can reduce the sun's glare and improve occupant comfort. Occupant comfort can further be enhanced by 3M films due to their retention and reflectance properties. In the summer the film can reflect the suns energy keeping buildings cool for the occupants and in the winter help retain heat creating a comfortable working environment.

These benefits can result in an energy saving as heating and air-conditioning systems do not have to work as hard, potentially significantly lowering utility costs, all by simply installing 3M solar control window film.

Government Buildings

Government Buildings other trends

There are several other key drivers also at play when considering government, public and state owned buildings and their owners.

Of vital importance to a country's operations is the continuity of administration, 3M window film can help ensure this by maintaining the integrity of buildings plus protecting their contents and minimizing impact and damage when there is an attack of some kind.

Furthermore 3M window films can help government buildings with energy regulation compliance, plus staff productivity by creating the optimal working environment, which will also have an impact on the general public experience in these buildings.

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