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DI-NOC Selector

3M™ DI-NOC™ Architectural Finishes offer a new way to communicate and express your message within interior and exterior design for both refurbishment and new construction. 3M works closely with designers and architects to pursue the world's latest design trend.

Due to individual computer monitor variations and limitations, colors and patterns seen here may not be accurately represented. To view samples of your choices, please contact your nearest 3M DI-NOC Architectural Finishes distributor or contact us.

Discover the most trendy and popular in rolls 12m long directly from stock.

Pure Colour

Single Colour

Single Colour - Family consisting of soft and vivid colour groups. PS 959SR white is smoke resistant.

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High Gloss

High Gloss - The smoothness of the film gives high gloss surface. It adds clear and brilliant impression to the space. These patterns can be used either as an accent color or for main finishing of the wall.

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Metallic - This colourful product range is varying from anodized to embossed appearance. ME Metallics have a satin finish, whilst the VM Metallics are glossy. The PA patterns are created through aluminium flake and pigment and most of these can be used outdoors.

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Carbon - Very trendy family. Designs for indoor and outdoor usage.

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Little Wave

Little Wave - New emboss featuring straight line and wavy pattern. Some colors show three dimensionality.

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Random Style

Random Style - These patterns change their face depending on the angle you look at. RS-1192, 1193, 1194 are inspired by diamond cut design. RS-1189, 1190, 1191 are inspired by mosaic tile.

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G-Emboss - Recently developed series, with an unique design feature because of their geometric patterns. Available in both plain and metallic colours, of which the colourful appearance will be further enhanced by indirect ambient lighting. Most references are suited for outdoor use.

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Stone - All designs with a similar look to authentic stone. For interior usage only.

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Weave - This film has a woven, embossed surface texture. It is soft to the touch, yet it resists dirt and abrasion. Suitable only for interior usage and for both flat and curved surfaces, whilst part of the range can be used for 3D applications as well.

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Sand - These modern colours and patterns achieve an authentic sandstone appearance, which makes these designs attractive for usage in plenty of different applications and environments.

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Stucco - This film simulates the appearance of Italian plaster. Available in two product variations: muted and vibrant shades.

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Leather - This film feels like authentic leather because of the special production process. All patterns are suited for 3D applications. Some of them can be used outdoors as well.

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Rust - Rusty patterns. Designs for indoor and outdoor usage.

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Fine Wood

Fine Wood - A combination of unique processing steps results in a woodgrain appearance and texture that closely resemble authentic wood. Available in different patterns, varying from traditional wood to modern architectural designs. New designs within the Fine Wood series with horizontal grains, giving an even more natural look to your interior.

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Metallic Wood

Metallic Wood - Black Persimmon and Ebony - 3 kinds of brightness.

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Wood Grain

Wood Grain - The natural appearance of the different patterns, varying from light to dark, and all popular timber types create an atmosphere of warmth and prestige. Because of their natural repeat and grain pattern they have a similar look to authentic wood. Some references have a glossy visual effect.

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Abstract Hard

Abstract Hard - Abstract Hard groups three families: LZ, PG and RT (rusty patterns), for indoor applications only.

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Abstract Soft

Abstract Soft - Available in different designs, all of them in soft tints, compassing the FA, PT, PX, and SE series. Mainly for indoor applications.

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Abrasion Resistant

Abstract Hard

Abrasion Resistant - The superior abrasive resistance of this material is best for refurbishing or upgrading high traffic areas, counter and table tops. It also has a good resistance to dirt.

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