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The longest-ever Austrian Flag, using 3M solutions, has been displayed by ÖBB


The longest-ever Austrian Flag, using 3M solutions, has been displayed by ÖBB on their Jubilee Railjet Train, as part of the company’s 175th anniversary celebrations

ÖBB, the Austrian Railways brand is celebrating the 175th anniversary of transporting passengers across the country’s rail network. The first railway in Austria went on a route between Vienna Floridsdorf and Deutsch-Wagram. To mark this anniversary the brand embarked on a series of activities that highlight the rich history of the railways.

As part of the celebrations, the marketing team wanted to create a memorable and innovative communications campaign which could be seen by all of their national passengers in a short period of time. But the campaign was not only for celebrating the past, it was also to remind customers of the new Siemens Railjet’s hi-speed link between Vienna and Salzburg taking just a little over two hours travelling time with 400 seats in three classes in a train of over 200 metres in length. Furthermore, the fact that a fleet of similar Railjet’s carry passengers abroad with similar comfort and speeds of up to 200 km per hour to Zurich, Budapest and Munich several times daily.

Deciding to place an incredibly long graphic of the red-white-red Austrian national flag on the sides of one of their Siemens Railjet trains, ÖBB worked closely with the 3M Commercial Graphics team in Vienna to specify the most suitable graphic material to achieve the project

Working with channel partner specialists, XL Design Mangold & Kovac GmbH, 3M recommended the use of 3M™ Controltac™ IJ180Cv3-10 white, high opacity printable graphic film because of the complex application conditions requiring not only an easy to apply integral adhesive system but also one that could be re-positioned when being applied on scaffolding piece by piece in transport sheds by teams of experienced applicators. This reduced the immobilisation time of the Railjet dramatically and guaranteed a timely completion of the Jubilee Train for the celebrations.

The final graphic which used 1,660 square metres of material and took over 500 man hours to apply can be seen on both sides of the 206 metre long train sides Rene Mangold, co-owner of XL Design stated that: "we have learned from bad experiences with other film producers and employ now almost exclusively films from 3M. These meet the high quality requirements of our customers, can be bonded quickly and free of bubbles and also be removable. Another important criterion that 3M film has, making them our preferred supplier, are the comprehensive warranties offered."

The video "Making Of - The longest-propelled Austria flag" can be found on YouTube at the following link:

We would like to thank Mr Alois Dannemuller and Kajetan Steiner, the Programme Photographers for his special permission allowing us to display these photographs.


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