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Vehicle Graphics

More and more companies are using vehicle graphics as a means to communicate their message and make effective use of potential advertising and branding space. First class application is key to achieving a long lasting looking vehicle graphic. 3M offers solutions for fleet graphics, bus graphics, truck advertisement, railway graphics, tram graphics up to boat graphics or even aircraft graphics.

Fleet Graphics

Corporate identity applications

Fleet Graphics

Corporate identity and any other long lasting decoration can be used on vehicles to increase their visibility. Trucks, vans or any commercial vehicles become a faboulous way to enhance brand awareness for your customers, using both opaque and/or reflective and fluorescent graphic films.

3M Digital Printing Films

3M Electronically Cut Graphic Films

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Promotional applications


For many companies, fleet graphics have more impact than billboards. Use our wide range of promotional materials and technologies to meet all your fleet graphic needs and get the best performance during application and removal.

3M Digital Printing Films

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Safety and emergency services vehicle applications

Safety Vehicles

The ever increasing volume of traffic on our roads require emergency service vehicles to be as visible as possible. It's essential that emergency vehicles are quickly recognised and readily identified. 3M offers a full line of reflective products to improve visibility of trucks, public work vans, emergency and law enforcement vehicles.

3M Reflective Graphic Films

3M™ Scotchlite™ Diamond Grade™ Vehicle Marking Film Series 983

3M™ Scotchlite™ Diamond Grade™ Vehicle Marking Film Series 987

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Other Vehicles


Taxi wrapping

One of the most popular modes of transport in cities around the world, the taxis are often used for product advertising campaigns. For their corporate identity, taxi cars or vans can easily by wrapped to change the painted color.

3M Non-Printable Wrap Films

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Plane wrapping

Amazing advertising and corporate airline identity can easily be executed together with 3M. Our materials enable you to achieve a large variety of brilliant digital printed and screenprinted graphics for aircraft. Production and application of printed graphics need to follow procedure supplied by aircraft manufacturers.

3M Aircraft Exterior Graphic Films

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Boat wrapping

Boats are the next big canvas for their owners and advertisers. Boat owners have traditionally personalised their watercraft with a name, think Christopher Columbus. Now with proven 3M materials and warranties, boat owners can expand their personalisation and create a more impactful and vibrant image to go with the name.

3M Digital Printing Films

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3M satisfies Crescent Suzuki’s need for speed

3M is supporting the Crescent Suzuki World Superbike team with its high performance graphic film, which is being applied to the team’s 2012 race bikes by Authorized Vehicle Wrapper Sign Language. The three dimensional conformability of the 3M film helped Sign Language wrap the challenging contours and angles of the bike’s fairing and seat unit, achieving a high quality application on every panel.

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Boat Wraps: Get in on This Growing Market

Production and installation of a boat wrap is very similar to that of a vehicle wrap.

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Watch out for pizza delivery men on the highway!

Domino's Pizza has decided to wrap four trucks with realistic 3D pictures of pizza delivery men. The result is spectacular, both the pizza chain and the technical convertors receive regularly compliments.

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Brand Identity at Rombouts in Belgium - at Day & Night!

How Rombouts communicates its brand on fleets at day & night.

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Colour References

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Millenium BCP Bank identity refresh focuses on strongly enforced specification control and audit surveys all managed through 3M Portugal. Re-branding of the national betting company, Danske Spil in Denmark Corporate branded signs with the Telefónica’s logo in Spain