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Nighttime visibility of Elkjøp increased with Dual Color 3635-200 Film Series



Elkjøp is the largest consumer electronics retailer in the Nordic countries, with 285 stores across six countries and 9.200 employees. It is owned by Dixons Retail.


"When we first started the process of changing all external signage, explains Silje Vrålstad, Graphic Designer, we were a bit concerned about our visibility at night. How do you increase the visibility with a dark blue logo (freestanding LED letters) without compromising the brand identity?

We considered a lot of different options before 3M made us aware of the Dual-Color 3635-200 Film series. The possibility to have one color during day and another during night was exactly what we needed.

The only remaining issue was how to make sure we always use the right blue color. 3M Commercial Graphics gave us the opportunity to color match the 3635-200 series. The result exceeded all of our expectations. Now, all of our suppliers can use the exact same film, and we can maintain the quality of our brand.”

Illuminated sign by daylight


Illuminated sign by night

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