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3M™ Littmann® TeleSteth™ Server System

3M Littmann TeleSteth Online Auscultation System

With the TeleSteth™ System, you can easily incorporate both store-and-forward and real-time streaming of stethoscope sounds into your telemedicine program.

Features and Benefits:

Anytime, anywhere collaboration
Share heart, lung and airway sounds with colleagues located across the globe. Sounds are transmitted via a secure internet connection using either the 3M™ TeleSteth™ Cloud Server or your own private network using the TeleSteth™ Client Server.

Remote evaluation
The revolutionary technology behind the TeleSteth™ System allows you to evaluate patient sounds remotely, either in real-time during an exam, or at your convenience using store-and-forward mode (only available with TeleSteth™ Client Server).

Easy access
The TeleSteth™ System is designed to be accessed from a user’s PC via the internet. It’s fully integrated with the 3M™ Littmann® StethAssist® Heart and Lung Sounds Visualization Software that comes free with the Littmann Model 3200 Stethoscope.

3M Cloud

Local Client


Internet: TeleSteth™ Cloud Server

The Cloud Server allows you to conduct remote auscultations anywhere you have access to a high-speed internet connection.

The flexible, web-based architecture allows you to log onto a 3M-hosted server site where you can listen to a patient at a remote site using real-time live streaming.

How TeleSteth™ Cloud Server Works


  • Ideal for organizations with minimal IT Infrastructure investment
  • A Model 3200 Stethoscope, PC / laptop and high-speed internet connection are all that is required
  • Secure and robust
  • Includes technical support

System Requirements and Setup

  • The 3M Server creates real-time streams using TCP over SSL on ports 1100-1300
  • In order for the TeleSteth™ System to function properly, the client needs to be able to open an outgoing port in the designated range and pointed to the TeleSteth™ System server IP address
  • Requires purchase of software licenses, and annual maintenance fees after one year
  • Accounts can be provisioned within one-two business days of purchase

Private Network: TeleSteth™ Client Server Solution

The TeleSteth™ Client Server Solution is a server-based tele-auscultation system that runs on your own enterprise server. Through the easy-to-use software interface, you can quickly initiate live streaming auscultation sessions for real-time collaboration. Or you can use the store-and-forward mode to upload a recorded patient auscultation for later review by a consultant.

The server-based model offers enhanced flexibility with single sign-on user name and password that integrates with your current network system and operates within your own secure IT network.

How TeleSteth™ Client Server Works
Network External
TeleSteth Client Server System diagram


  • Ideal for organizations that prefer to manage their own IT server infrastructure
  • Configured for your IT requirements
  • Supports public network or private network configurations
  • Scalable, robust architecture
  • Includes training and technical support

Typical Set-up Process

  • 3M and client IT staff discuss requirements and configuration
  • Equipment procurement
  • 3M installs the TeleSteth™ Server Software
  • LDAP integration (if requested)
  • Final acceptance testing
  • Administrator training

System Requirements

  • Windows XP SP3, Vista SP1 or later, or Windows 7
  • 512 MB RAM
  • 1 gigahertz processor or better
  • 1023 x 600 graphic display or better
  • USB 1.1 port or better
  • Approximately 150kbps bandwidth is required per streaming connection
  • Approximately 1MB of storage space is required for each recorded sound track


  • All transmitted data is encrypted via SSL encryption
  • All stored data is encrypted at both client and server endpoints
  • Automated mechanisms detect failed authentication and suspicious server activity with administrator notification

Network Specifications

  • "Out-of-band" operation functions in parallel with both software and hardware based videoconferencing codecs
  • Configurable for operation on an existing private, public or hybrid network infrastructure
  • Adjustable latency to accommodate various network technologies (client server only)
  • Requires SSL certificate maintenance for the server (3M will help generate certificate request)
  • Configurable for stand-alone user accounts or integration with an existing LDAP authentication server
  • Real-time streams use TCP over SSL on ports 1100-1300

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