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Pavement Markings

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3M Lines: our technology story click here to see the optics difference Introducing 3M™ Liquid Pavement Marking Series 5000

3M offers a full portfolio of pavement markings for all types of roadway application requirements:

To see this amazing technology for yourself, contact your 3M representative.



What is the lowest temperature that pavement markings can be applied?

Can pavement markings be applied when roads are wet?

Do I need any special equipment to apply 3M markings?

What's the best product to use for intersection markings?

What's the best product to use for longitudinal markings?

What's the best product to use for temporary markings?

What 3M products are best for light-colored road surfaces?

What products can perform under wet or rainy conditions?

Can I get pre-cut symbols and legends?

Where could I use RPMs?

What kind of durability can I expect from 3M markings?

What makes 3M products have high retroreflectivity?

What is the difference between microcrystalline ceramic beads and standard glass beads?

What makes 3M All Weather products visible in the rain?