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International Government

Serving Governments Worldwide

3M is a strategic partner and solution provider, assisting Governments in improving national infrastructure, health, safety, security, and defense for their citizens. Our global government marketers specialize in major segments of interest to a country and focus on the following key areas:

National Infrastructure Solutions to help design, build, maintain, and protect the national critical assets in the areas of corrosion protection; communication technologies; fire protection; road safety; energy generation, transmission and efficient consumption; clean water and waterworks rehabilitation; transportation safety; vehicle identification; schools.
Public Health Solutions yielding positive healthcare outcomes in infection prevention; wound management; surgical asepsis; dental health & restoration; microbial detection; food safety; records management; patient monitoring; respiratory and eye protection; cleaning supplies
  Homeland Security Solutions for civil defense and borders security including business continuity; national identification and passports; catastrophic event preparedness and response; risk assessment.
  Defense Solutions for military transformation such as force protection (individual and collective); military maintenance and repair; military cooperation and offset programs; military health care (medical and dental); defense R&D programs; identification programs; fire protection; communication systems.
  Emergency Preparedness Solutions for all-hazards readiness including preparations and response; pandemic preparedness; large event preparedness; critical national infrastructure protection.
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