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Automotive Display Enhancement Films


Experience the benefits of 3M Optical Film technology.

3M offers a full line of optical films for the automotive application. 3M's Optical Films can be used to meet brightness targets, decrease power or thermal issues, prevent night time reflections and protect display surfaces. These products offer versatility and add value to virtually any vehicular electronic display application.

Featured Product: 3M™ ALCF-A+
ALCF-A+ Is a louver film combined with a reflective polarizer (DBEF). This allows for both brightness enhancement and distribution control.
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Featured Product: 3M™ ALCF-A
ALCF-A is a louver film with low birefringent polycarbonate substrates. This allows it to be used in the backlight of an LCD.
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Featured Product: 3M™ BEF III
BEF is a prismatic film that manages the angular output of light from the backlight. BEF uses refraction to compress the backlights output towards an on-axis viewer.
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Featured Product: 3M™ DBEF
DBEF is a multilayer, reflective polarizer. DBEF polarizes the backlights output so that it can transmit through the liquid crystal panel. Light of the wrong polarization is recycled into the backlight.
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Featured Product: 3M™ ESR
3M™ Enhanced Specular Reflector (ESR) is a thin film, 100% polymer reflector. ESR is used as the backlight reflector for LCD's.
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Reflection Control

Display Enhancement

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3M™ Advanced Light Control Film (ALCF) is a microlouver film that controls the distribution of light perpendicular to the louver structure. This light management can be used to prevent reflections from glass surfaces in the automotive interior.


3M Display Enhancement films utilize refraction and reflection to increase the efficiency of your backlight. This light management can be used to increase brightness or to manage power and thermal issues.

Technical Specifications