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Innovation Lives Here

At 3M™ Optical Systems, we create boundary-pushing technologies that advance the performance of electronic displays by making them brighter, sharper, thinner and more efficient. With both established and new-to-the-world technologies, we deliver the light for today's displays.

When they say it can't be done, we do it. Our latest innovations give you TVs that are more environmentally friendly than ever before. Notebook PCs with extra-long battery lives. And computer monitors that can run on simple USB power.

We call our newest advancement LCD Integrated Optics. It will make your favorite electronic products better than you ever thought possible. And it's only available from 3M.

Expand your Horizons (and Viewing Angle)

3M™ LCD Integrated Optics will truly revolutionize display technology:

  • Gives you a wider viewing angle, so more people can see the action.
  • Easy viewing and energy efficient.
  • Mixes light in air to create the most amazing visual experience you can get.

Once you experience it, you'll wonder how you ever lived without it.

Everyday Enhancements

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Sustainable Field of Vision

These days, environmental sustainability isn't just a buzz word. It's an expectation – one we take very seriously. So we found a way to eliminate many layers of material. We also reduced the number of LED bulbs needed. And we optimized energy use.

We created an amazingly efficient, sustainable display technology with the highest eco-profile of any technology available today – without sacrificing picture quality.

Green Beyond Energy

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Innovations in Light

We made the impossible a reality. We invented the world's most reflective mirror. We combined it with the light from a single LED bulb. And we devised a way to use air to guide the light, transforming it into the most stunning picture quality available today.

We invented the light management that's already inside many of your favorite products. And now we're taking it to the next level with LCD Integrated Optics.

Future Technology Today

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Experience the Revolution Firsthand

3M™ LCD Integrated Optics will forever change the way you see displays. It will brighten your picture. It will give you clearer vision, from almost any angle in the room. And it will require less power while giving you superior performance.

Discover what 3M technology does for the devices you use every day.

  • Brighter, sharper, more colorful pictures
  • Enhances viewing range & broadens viewing angle
  • Maintains performance, even if a bulb burns out
  • Reduces the amount of plastic used in TVs
LCD Monitors
  • Improves picture clarity and quality
  • Enhances color and brightness
  • Thinner bezels
  • Wide view for presentations
  • Enables designs with very few LEDs
LCD Digital Signs
  • Widens viewing angle for high-impact signage
  • Reduces weight
  • Reduces service calls due to improved system reliability
  • Makes it easy to enhance color with high gamut LEDs
Feel the Impact

3M™ LCD Integrated Optics has a pretty cool "green" story. It will eliminate layers and layers of unnecessary plastics that are inside standard displays. It will reduce the number of LED light bulbs a TV or computer monitor needs to keep working. It will minimize the amount of parts and components contained in a display. And it will cut down the amount of natural resources (like oil and gas) used in the production and shipping of your favorite products.

This means superior, more cost-effective products for you – and greener, more sustainable products for the environment.

Energy Savings: The Power of Green

3M's breakthrough innovations in light management films include the world's first brightness enhancement films (BEF), and the first reflective polarizer (DBEF). These films already enhance energy efficiencies to a dramatic and exciting effect.

LCD TVs & Digital Signs
Energy Savings

DBEF enables total energy savings of up to 37%

Improved Brightness

DBEF boosts screen brightness anywhere from 60-120% while extending battery life.

Instead of Four

DBEF enables the use of two bulbs instead four and provides up to 30% energy savings.

Save the Earth: Get Rid of Plastic

LCD Integrated Optics will move "green power" to a new level: eco-friendly product development.

With the number of LCD TVs, digital signs and electronic displays sold globally each year, the amount of material currently used to create these displays roughly equates to 1 billion pounds of material, annually.

Eliminating the plastics used in LCD displays is virutally equivalent to eliminating most of the plastic water bottles used in the United States each year.

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The Whole Green Story

Each LCD display is made from layers and layers of plastic that require raw materials and energy to produce, along with packaging materials and natural resources – such as gas and oil – to transport. This multi-component approach cascades through the entire supply chain, requiring multiple factories, process steps, cost impacts, and shipping and packaging.

Eliminating nearly 90% of these materials and processes dramatically improves manufacturing efficiencies and the overall environmental profile of displays, display products, and the industry as a whole. All that, and reduced costs, too. Makes you wonder what we can't do!

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LCD Integrated Optics: Light as Air

3M™LCD Integrated Optics is made possible by our invention of the new film called Collimating Multilayer Optical Film (CMOF). CMOF film optimizes light mixing and management, allowing us to use paper-thin films to perform tasks that were previously only achieved with multiple thick, heavy layers of plastic.

Thanks to CMOF, together with our ESR, DBEF, and BEF films, we now have products for traditional systems as well as products that enable new-to-the-world optically integrated systems.

The Future is Integrated Optics
Standard Display Architecture
Integrated Optics Architecture

  • LCD Panel
  • Reflective Polarizer
  • Prism Film(s)
  • Diffuser
  • Light Guide
  • Reflector
  • Box/Chassis
  • LCD Panel with Film
  • Box/Chassis with Film
LCD Integrated Optics at a Glance
  • A new class of optical film (CMOF) changes long-standing constraints in display development.
  • With this technology we see 2 key types of integrated systems:
    • Unitary Light Guide Systems: A solid light guide, with an optical film either on the guide or on the LCD panel. No free-floating films; all essential optical functionality is provided by the integrated film.
    • Air Guides: Hollow backlights (no solid light guide) enabled by the integration of CMOF onto the display panel, used with an ESR back reflector. Light transport is accomplished by reflections between the films.
  • In both cases, non-value-added components and free-floating films are eliminated. This enables systems that are simpler, thinner, lighter weight and comprised of fewer materials.
  • Download the 3M Optical Systems Air Guide White Paper (590 KB)

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Portfolio of Key 3M Optical
  • NEW! Collimating Multilayer Optical Film (CMOF): the latest optical film innovation, offering a nearly perfect balance and mixture of light, for the ultimate viewing experience. Enables LCD integrated optics.
  • Enhanced Specular Reflector Film (ESR): The most reflective surface available today, for brighter, and more energy-efficient displays.
  • Dual Brightness Enhancement Films (DBEF): Reflecting polarizers that enhance brightness and widen the viewing angle while maintaining color and picture uniformity.
  • Brightness Enhancement Films (BEF): Optical film that collimates light to control viewing angle and increase brightness.

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