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With 3M 360 Encompass for inpatient computer-assisted coding, organizations experience dramatic case mix index improvements.

Computer-assisted physician documentation 3M™ 360 Encompass™ MD System

It’s time to pay attention to your clinical documentation

Accurate clinical documentation is integral to quality patient care. It drives reimbursement and reporting on outcomes. But, let’s face it, the documentation process can be complex and EHRs are not necessarily equipped to handle some issues your providers encounter.

70 percent of clinical notes are duplicated
Up to 70 percent of clinical notes are duplicated from prior notes.

Hospital up-coding results in $11B annual payment abuse.

Hospital “up-
coding” results in $11B annual payment abuse.

Up-coding from copy-paste misuse is a strong focus of OIG and CMS.

Up-coding from copy-paste misuse is a strong focus of OIG and CMS.

Missing diagnosis details result in $5B in missed annual Medicare payment.

Missing diagnosis details result in $5B in missed annual Medicare payment.

ICD-10: A new kind of specificity

A smart solution to catch potential issues

3M 360 Encompass MD provides automatic feedback and guidance to help physicians improve the accuracy, completeness and compliance of the data in a patient’s medical record. Using 3M’s NLP and CAPD technology, it identifies missing ICD-10 diagnosis details, automates the query process, and prompts providers to quickly address documentation issues within their workflow. Upcoming functionality will analyze documents and alert providers about high-risk copied content in clinical notes.

Features and benefits

Connected and clear

Our technology automatically analyzes all patient data in structured and unstructured text from clinical documentation – including EHR templates and dictated documents. The system follows coding rules and guidelines to automatically identify unclear, unspecified or missing diagnoses and gaps in documentation. Physicians can document by whatever means they prefer.

If physicians need to provide missing information, 3M 360 Encompass MD generates automated CAPD queries and flags other documentation gaps and missing information as auto-suggested queries to CDI reviewers.

Helps avoid electronic documentation errors

Copying documentation forward into a medical record is an increasing activity in the EHR and is prone to high-risk errors for patient care and coding. To minimize compliance risks, upcoming functionality in 3M 360 Encompass MD will analyze documents and alert providers if a document contains hazardous "copied-forward past data/info" from old documents.

A single system

3M 360 Encompass MD offers a single integrated platform with an ICD-10-ready natural language processing (NLP) engine for all of your coding and documentation improvement workflows. The physician-centric design delivers queries to physicians within their current EHR workflow, saving time and stress.

3M 360 Encompass MD can be added to the award-winning 3M™ 360 Encompass™ System platform, so organizations can leverage their existing investment with an integrated, intuitive physician communication and documentation improvement tool. The system also integrates with the 3M™ Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI) System, which means CDI specialists using either of these other 3M solutions can coordinate their workflows with 3M 360 Encompass MD and view real-time queries generated for each patient.

CDI specialists and coders each work from the same rule sets and NLP – allowing for seamless integration, increased productivity and improved patient care processes. Implementation costs can be lower, because the system shares the same interfaces and implementation process with 3M 360 Encompass.

Built on experience

The system is built on, and succeeds, because of 3M’s expertise in coding, classification and clinical documentation improvement. It uses the same technology and content that underlies the 3M 360 Encompass computer-assisted coding, clinical documentation improvement and data analytics platform.



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Computer-assisted physician documentation 3M™ 360 Encompass™ MD System

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