Conquering Mountains

A mountain’s beauty and harshness are one and the same. How can a structure protect people from the environment, but allow them to experience it at the same time?

Heights of Design

The Gaislachkogl gondola system in Sölden, Austria, demonstrates groundbreaking unity of form and function. Made up of three striking, transparent buildings dotting a steep mountain face, these unique gondola stations withstand temperature variations of more than 60° Celsius and offer stunning, 360° vistas of surrounding Alpine peaks.

The Challenge

360° of mountaintop views look wonderful on an architectural blueprint, but making it a reality isn’t easy. Simply transporting structural glass to a peak two miles above sea level is a challenge. And, once there, it must withstand extreme temperature, wind, and weather.

Dynamic Solution

3M™ Dyneon™ material is a one-of-a-kind architectural membrane that completely replaces structural glass. Not only transparent and flexible, it possesses an incredible array of properties that can be seen below.


“I've never seen a better performing and more versatile transparent material.”

- Johann Obermoser

Architect of Gaislachkogl Gondola

Put to the Test

We put Dyneon™ material through its paces. See how it fared in stress tests and against a youth hockey team.

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“It's truly rewarding to see how architects shape films made from our fluoropolymers into structures no one would have ever dreamed of before.”

- Sebastian Zehentmaier

Specialist Application and Product Development, Dyneon™