New Light

The architectural and interior design market demands lighting that is both high on style and energy efficient. And we had a bright idea.

The aesthetics of problem solving

The relationship between light and surface matters a great deal to architects and designers, with sustainability running a close second. As a result, there is a collective demand for high-quality, energy-efficient, decorative lighting that can transform a space.


The problem

LEDs are efficient technologically, but most agree that they are aesthetically unpleasing due to the visible point source of light and the bright glare they give off.


The solution

A new mirror film that reflects and diffuses LED lights evenly to create a pleasing effect, while using less energy.

“Design is about creating possibility. We meet with architects and designers all the time to understand their challenges, and it’s inspiring to see our innovative materials and lighting fixtures augment their creative endeavour to turn the regular into the extraordinary.”

- Maureen Tholen

General Manager, 3M

Shedding light on a new market

3M Architectural Markets is another example of the company’s ingenuity and creativity bearing fruit: innovation solved a problem, leading to the development of a new market opportunity. The business sprang from the work of people from across the company, including members of the Optical Systems Division, an area of 3M that integrates light management with unique film materials.


In Collaboration

The department has attracted the attention of the design community, generating plenty of buzz for 3M’s collaboration with noted designer Todd Bracher at Wanted Design, an international design event held in NYC in May of 2012.

“I believe that design should be driven by reason and function, so when I saw 3M’s true technical clout, engineering skills and materials expertise, it was the perfect opportunity.”

- Todd Bracher

Designer, on his collaboration with 3M

Illuminating developments

Participation in this exciting collaborative design event cast a light on our core commitment to understanding our customers’ needs, and driving innovation from those insights. This is how we at 3M will continue to explore the relationship between light and space, developing many more design solutions for architects and interior designers for years to come.