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Cleaning supplies should make the whole world cleaner, not just the home. But we didn’t expect tequila would be the answer.

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The Tequila Trail

Jalisco, Mexico is the tequila state: in 2011, over 41 million gallons of tequila were produced here by 145 registered distilleries. It took over 700,000 tons of agave to make.

Source: “Statistics 1994–2011”. Consejo Regulador del Tequila. February 2012.

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Up to a Decade of Energy

The answer, until recently, was nothing much: it was often left to decompose in the fields. But it takes 6–10 years of farming - spending energy and water - to grow agave before it’s harvested for tequila. That’s up to a decade’s worth of energy that could be reused.

agave fibres used in 3M innovations
“Sustainability is about using materials to their fullest. Sometimes that means unlocking their hidden potentials."

- Myhanh Truong

Product Development Specialist, 3M Home Care

agave fibres used in 3M innovations

Greener Cleaners

3M scientist Myhanh Truong was part of a team in the U.S. looking at manufacturing 3M products with new, more environmentally sustainable materials. And in France, another 3M team had just pioneered a way to turn agave fibre, called a bagasse, into a non-flammable, non-woven material (one of 3M’s core technologies).

Could it be adapted for use in a new kind of sponge?

agave fibres
“We had been looking out for new sources of natural plant fibres for use in our cleaning products.”

- Myhanh Truong

Core 3M Technology

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Scrubbing with Agave

Agave might be great at scrubbing, but it took a lot of work to adapt the material to manufacturing processes. Through prototyping various manufacturing processes, the 3M team learned how best to address flammability and stickiness, inherent challenges of mass-producing scrubbing fibres with the material.

paper towels used in place of 1 agave Scotch-Brite sponge, innovative 3M sponge made from agave fibres, hand using Scotch-Brite agave sponge

The Results

The 3M team created scrubbing fibres made of 50% agave, the scouring muscle of a new 100% plant-based-fibre sponge using 23% recycled material. It’s called the Scotch-Brite ® Greener Clean Non-Scratch Scrub Sponge. It helps clean up unused agave even before you bring it home. That’s an innovation that will live on.

Outlasts 30 rolls of paper towel

Scotch-Brite greener clean sponge
hand cleaning spill with sponge