Drive a Car, Hike Up a Mountain

cold weather
car ride

How do you get from cold weather essentials to a quiet car ride?

Most people don’t realise that it is almost impossible to get through a day without coming into contact with a 3M product in one form or another. Whether you’re under the sea or on top of a mountain, 3M innovation is everywhere.

What makes that possible? A unique combination of curiosity and ingenuity; these are core characteristics embedded in our employee culture. Take 3M™ Thinsulate™ Insulation, for example. The fibres in this product, both resilient and absorbent, were initially introduced to the market for industrial purposes, and research led to cleaning applications for oil spills.

But at 3M, one insight always leads to another, and engineers soon discovered that this material was not only absorbent, but also insulating. Further experimentation revealed that the microfibres trapped body heat, providing insulation without the bulkiness of traditional fabrics. There began the journey of innovation.

3M’s focus on an untapped consumer need led to the invention of 3M™ Thinsulate™ Insulation, a breakthrough problem-solver to help keep people warm when it’s cold outside. Performing as a better insulator than most other synthetic or natural insulation, the finer fibres that make up Thinsulate insulation trap more air in less space to help you stay warmer.

The result? Cold-weather outerwear, hats, gloves, footwear, and even draperies and bedding, have helped people to experience the warmth of innovation.

So that’s the end of the story, right? Not even close. Remember, 3M innovation is everywhere! Think cars. Use of this fibre, stemming from one of 3M’s core technology platforms known as Non-wovens , has evolved across functions and industries to solve even more customer problems. This chain reaction of ideas and opportunities is something that is unique at 3M.

Our scientists discovered that such insulation offered not only thermal benefits, but acoustic solutions, as well. Thinsulate insulation also helps reduce noise for applications within the vehicle, transport, defence, aerospace, electronic office equipment, industrial and appliance markets.

So look around you, because on the journey of life, whether you’re driving a car or hiking up a mountain, innovation is everywhere…and 3M is proud to be part of the adventure.